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HP ALM 11.5 Service Pack (11.52) Released

HP ALM Service Pack 11.52 (TD4QC_00333, TD4QC_00334, TD4QC_00332 and TD4QC_00331), which applies to HP ALM 11.50, was released on 05/13/13. This service pack is a non-critical patch which includes updates to existing features and addresses known defects and performance issues in version 11.50. It also includes new features and product enhancements.

Note:  The patch support model for ALM 11.5 has changed from the patch model used previously in versions of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and QC (Quality Center). New technology support, as well as fixes for known issues are now provided in cumulative service packs.

How to download ALM 11.5 Service Pack 11.52

To download the service pack, visit the HP software patches support website:

This service pack is cumulative and can be applied to ALM 11.50. If you have previously installed ALM 11.50 Patch 1 (11.50.886.01), this patch must be uninstalled prior to installing Service Pack 11.52.

UPDATE:  ALM 11.52 Patch 1 has been released.
After upgrading to 11.52, this patch can be installed.

New Features and Enhancements in HP ALM Service Pack 11.52

The following features or changes have been included in HP ALM 11.5 Service Pack 11.52:

Redesigned Landing Page

The landing page has been redesigned. It now has links to “Add-ins”, “Movies” and a “What’s New” section. “What’s New” and “Movies” are now grouped by release, and “Add-ins” are categorized by HP Applications, Microsoft Applications and Other Utilities.

Business View Excel Reports

The new Business Views Excel Add-in provides more flexibility. This add-in is based on the new Business Views features which where introduced in HP ALM 11.50.  It is now easier to manipulate and share date from within ALM in this easy to use and powerful add-in.

Project Planning and Tracking (PPT)

Selecting content to be included in release scope items now provides the capability to include defects that link to selected requirements, tests, and tests sets (and their associated test instances, runs, and run steps).

Automatic Upgrades for Lab Projects for Upgrades to Minor-Minor Versions

When upgrading from a minor release to another minor release, the upgrade of the Lab Managment project is now automatic. This includes upgrades that affect the database schema.

HP ALM Lab Service

Using the Auto Login feature allows for configuration of the the Lab Service to automatically log in to the testing host to run a test. It is now possible to view the version of the Lab Service which is running in the Lab Management Testing Hosts grid.

Test Execution, “Suggested Duration”

When executing functional tests and build verification suites, there is a new feature to selected a “Suggested Duration” of the test based on previous test executions.

Jenkins Integration

The open source HP ALM Jenkins Plugin has been developed which enables triggering a functional test set or build verification suite as a Jenkins build step. The results are then reported in Jenkins and in the ALM Test Runs module. Support for this plugin is provided by the Jenkins community.

Service Requests

The following service requests have been addressed in HP ALM 11.5 Service Pack 11.52:

Service Request Summary
QCCR1J30064 Memory leak in the upgrade process of ALM11.5 patch 1 causing QC crash after upgrade of about 100 projects. An exception occurred when upgrading over 100 projects to HP ALM 11.5 patch 1.
QCCR1J30144 Unable to extract Zip file created by Dashboard Analysis configuration via WinZip. An error occurred when trying to unzip a file zipped in the Dashboard Analysis configuration.
QCCR1J30053 Requirement parent Description does not pass when Convert to Test. The conversion of a Requirement entry to a Test Folder did not set the folders description to match that of the converted requirement.
QCCR1J30216 Issue with ‘Coverage Status’ filter in Requirements. The Status Filter drop down list of the requirements Test Coverage tab did not show the relevant statuses as expected.
QCCR1J29894 User settings are not saved in Requirement Test coverage view. User settings of the columns width in the Test Coverage tab of the Requirement Details view were not kept as the user moves between requirements.
QCCR1J29981 Filtering test cases with no coverage includes empty folders in the result. Filtering requirements in the Test Coverage view to include only those that have not been assigned to requirements resulted in the display of empty folders.
QCCR1J23840 In the Test Plan view, the New Folder option was missing from the context menu.
QCCR1J25633 The Alert indication on a test in the Test Plan module intended to reflect modification done to a linked requirement appeared as expected in the Test Plan view.
QCCR1J29310 ALM Client Memory Leaks.Traversing over the Test Plan module using API kept some memory resources allocated and they were not released.
QCCR1J26519 Easy way to drill down from Run in the Runs view to the Test Instance from which the Run was created from. A new option of Go to Test Instance was added to the Test Runs view to enable users to easily switch from the test run to its corresponding test instance.
QCCR1J26453 In the Manual Runner, the changes made in the text in “Description/Expected/Actual” are lost if you select “Attach to step” and click Cancel. Changes made to any of the Actual, Description and Expected fields are not kept after cancelling an “Attach to step” action immediately after the text editing.
QCCR1J28726 After using the change project functionality The SCM Repositories and Build Servers submodules are inaccessible. In projects utilizing the ALI extension, the SCM Management and Build Management modules became inaccessible after switching
between projects.
QCCR1J30088 Attachments with comma characters in their name were not displayed correctly in the attachment list viewed from baseline, and they could not be retrieved.
TD4QC_00271 ALM 11.50 Patch 01 (11.50.886.01) is included in this cumulative service pack. This contains critical bug fixes that enhance the performance of the GA release.

Related Service Packs

The following service packs have been released which are directly related to HP ALM 11.5 Service Pack 11.52:

  • HP ALM Service Pack 11.52: 32-bit (KM00427943)
  • HP ALM Service Pack 11.52: 64-bit (KM00427947)
  • HP ALM Service Pack 11.52: Linux (KM00427935)
  • HP ALM Service Pack 11.52: Sun Solaris (KM00427939)
  • HP Performance Center 11.50 and 11.52 Migration Tool (KM00427902)


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