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LoadRunner 9.51 Analysis Bug – Renaming Titles

Today I had to open a ticket with HP Support concerning the Analysis module. I had a graph where I wanted to show the CPU utilization across multiple servers to see how hard each one was working. This could give me an indication of whether or not load balancing was throwing the right amount at each server.

To illustrate this, I selected the Processor Utilization for each server in the farm (there were three), and then decided to make it pretty by going into advanced options. One of the things I wanted to do is show the legend at the bottom of the graph. This way I could export the image out as a JPEG and send that one image to the server team and let them see at a glance what was going on with the CPU’s on those machines.

I decided to change the titles so that they just contained the name of the server. Apparently, Analysis no longer likes the renaming of titles. I saved Analysis, closed it down, and reopened it later. The graph no longer showed ANYTHING, although the graph data (numbers behind the data points on the graph) wer all still there. Apparently, it was still looking for the old titles. I tried to go back into the “Display Options”. It would not open, so I was out of luck. I had to recreate the graph from scratch and leave the defaul titles in.

I opened a ticket with support and they were able to confirm this has been an issue. With the service pack for 9.5, this was supposed to be corrected.

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