• LoadRunner Parameter and Correlation Naming Conventions

    Posted on October 1, 2012 by Admin

    Bill Selph recommends the following LoadRunner parameter and correlation label naming conventions for use in scripts:

    All correlated values begin with “LRC_”
    All parameters begins with “LRP_”

    Bill finds this an easier way to edit and debug of complex scripts.

    Do you have similar naming conventions that you use when coding Vugen script? How about giving out some recommendations to the community by commenting in the section below. Read Entire Entry

  • VuGen: Creating Combination Static/Random Values For Parameters

    Posted on September 26, 2012 by Admin

    This post addresses a situation where part of a VuGen parameter value needed to be a hard coded value, and another part had to be totally random. This specific example had to do with a credit card where the total number of digits for the card was 16, but the first two digits needed to start with “47” to pass the business rules of the site for processing valid card numbers. If the number on the card did not start off with “47”, the card would automatically be rejected.

    char result[100], creditCardNum[1056];
    in Read Entire Entry

  • VuGen: Extracting String Data From A Parameter

    Posted on September 24, 2012 by Admin

    This post examines a condition where data being returned in the VuGen parameter captured (in the web_reg_save_param function) included more characters than was needed and there no easy left/right boundaries to use to get only what was needed. In this case, it was capturing something like “2297,4648”, and we needed to extract the first four numbers and the last four numbers of the string, while stripping out the “comma” character.
    //We need to grab the 1st four (ENTERPRISEID)
    //and the last four digits (which is a tax return ) Read Entire Entry