• LoadRunner VuGen: Fixing Corrupted Winsock Libraries

    Posted on May 25, 2009 by Admin

    I was trying out the new Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner 9.5 this week, and I found it was not working as advertised. It wasn’t even recommending WEB as a protocol choice for recording a simple web script. Not good. The only thing it did recommend to me properly was RDP. If a person cannot figure out they are using RDP when they launch an RDP window, they probably should not be using LoadRunner. 🙂 I decided to dig a bit deeper and found I had discovered a bigger problem.

    On my past several engagements, I had been using the client Read Entire Entry

  • LoadRunner, Winsock, And BBQ

    Posted on October 1, 2006 by Admin

    Note: This article was originally posted on, and has been migrated to the Northway web site to maintain the content online.
    There are two things I love to do: Crush applications with LoadRunner and eat good BBQ. With regards to my first love – nothing gives me the same feeling as being able to expose things that suck, with graphs to prove it! Seriously though. I’ve seen a lot of applications and recorded against several of LoadRunner’s protocol types. But there is one that has eluded me for years. Or should I say, I Read Entire Entry