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Buzzword Bingo Card Update For HP Discover 2014

Buzzword Bingo?

Yep, kids, it’s that time again. The HP Discover conference in Las Vegas June 10-12 is just about here. We love to have fun at the conference, and one way to do that is to lighten up a bit! Do you ever notice as you attend multiple sessions, there tends to be key words and phrases mentioned throughout the conference? These are the hot topics of the year, and many presenters like to include as many of these “buzz words” to grab the ear of as many attendees as possible.

Ever year, we put together a new list of buzz words that you are likely to hear over and over. As technology changes, so do the buzzwords. We’ve attached the 2013 bingo card below:

HP Discover 2013 Bingo Card

The Northway Challenge

Your job is to download the bingo card and let us know which words need to be taken off the list for this year, and what new buzzwords need to be included. We’ll finalize the card and update this blog posting with the new 2014 version a few days before the conference begins. You can download it and have some fun with rest of us trying to complete a row throughout the conference for the multiple sessions you attend.

You can contact us one of three ways:

1. Use our online “Contact Us” form.

2. Contact us at Twitter @northwaysg or @loadtester

3. Post a comment on this blog article through Discuss

We look forward to hearing your suggestions. We’ll update this blog page with the final version once we have all the entries in. Looking forward to seeing you at HP Discover!

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