Microfocus Performance Center

Micro Focus Performance Center Training

Course Overview
The Northway Application Performance Testing course teaches performance testing using Business Technology optimization (BTO) as the engagement model for working on any testing project:

Intended Audience

Performance Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Performance Center of Excellence Managers.


2 Days.


Working knowledge of Quality Assurance testing processes, the software development lifecycle, Windows and UNIX operating systems, and Microsoft Office products

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand Business Technology Optimization and the BTO engagement model
  • Understand the Performance Center of Excellence and PCoE maturity model
  • Effectively plan a performance test based on measurable objectives
  • Create realistic load tests based on industry best practices
  • Implement a repeatable test execution methodology every time
  • Report results effectively to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Tie performance results back to business objectives

Course Outline


This includes proper procedures for planning a load test including what to document prior to testing and defining the scope of the test. Items to be covered include:

  • Defining Measurable Goals
  • Organizing Application and System Information
  • Defining Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating ‘bullet proof” Planning Documentation
  • Good and Bad Performance Requirements


The Design portion of the class covers considerations for defining the business processes and addressing data and test environment issues that hinder good test design. Items include:

  • Business Process Concepts
  • What Should and Should Not Be Tested
  • Prioritization and Filtering Business Processes
  • Addressing User Concurrency
  • Test Environment Considerations
  • Data Considerations Before Testing


Best practices applying load and run-time behavior are discussed in this portion of the training. A repeatable process around performance testing is reviewed.

  • Transaction Naming Conventions
  • Creating a Transaction Definition Document
  • Testing Lab Considerations
  • Creating scenarios to achieve specific objectives
  • Defining A Repeatable Test Execution Methodology
  • Random Interval Pacing
  • Best Practices For System Monitoring Under Load
  • Providing Quick Test Results Between Test Cycles


Reporting the results of performance tests is a crucial step in the process. Information must be tied back to business imperatives. Students will learn how to provide timely, meaningful test results designed to communicate effectively to difference audiences, as well as how to show the value of performance testing to the organization. Items covered include:

  • Providing Interim Test Results Between Test Cycles
  • Providing Final Reports
  • Aligning Performance Results With Business Objectives
  • Examining final test report deliverables from actual projects
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