Mobile cloud testing, app monitoring and mobile test lab management solutions to help you deliver 5 star user experiences throughout the lifecycle of your app.

Mobile devices and applications are dominating the IT landscape. Consumer expectations run high, as a growing market of users insists on swift, on-demand data delivery. For you, this means staying competitive through high-quality, reliable mobile applications. Your company’s very reputation and success rests on it.

User Experience is Everything

Your mobile apps are the “front door” to your brand and your users know you through your app. If your app is buggy, slow and non-responsive, then that is how your customers perceive your brand. You can’t afford to have negative reviews.

Deciding on the right Mobile Solutions will help your organization deliver and maintain mobile apps that give your users a world-class experience – high quality and performance, top notch availability, and trusted security.

  • Mobile Testing - Provide mobile users with an exceptional and secured experience by performing mobile app testing across multiple devices, operating systems and real network conditions.
  • Mobile Monitoring - Know your user experience and act before they write reviews. Mobile app monitoring and user experience analytics can provide you insights about performance, user flows, and user crashes for all of your mobile apps.
  • Manage Your Mobile Test Lab - Allow your mobile team’s access to a private cloud of real devices from anywhere, control the devices remotely, and expand your private cloud to AWS Device Farm.

Supercharge Your Mobile App.

We thoroughly test your mobile application software for functionality, consistency and performance. And because this process is automated, test coverage is expanded while time to complete testing cycles is drastically reduced – so you and your customers aren’t left stranded.

Northway’s Winning Advantage.

We have official partnerships with not just one, but multiple mobile solutions vendors – Micro Focus, Mobile Labs, Perfecto Mobile and more. Equipped with this cross product expertise, our certified technicians are uniquely qualified to help select the perfect mobile testing solution that fits your specific needs. In addition, we can also provide testing and automation skills using mobile automation tools like Micro Focus UFT and open source solutions like Selenium and Appium to ensure you get the most out of your mobile testing initiatives. This translates to improved performance, faster time to market and ROI for you.

Some of the Mobile testing products that Northway sells and provides expertise in are:

  • Micro Focus Mobile Center
  • Micro Focus Network Virtualization
  • Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT)
  • Mobile Labs deviceBridge
  • Mobile Labs deviceConnect
  • Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab