Automate Deployments for Continuous Delivery

Accelerate the application-release management process with continuous deployment

Can you respond to changing customer needs before the competition?

In the age of technology-empowered customers, the timing and quality of your applications can make or break you. You may want to get ahead of the competition, but when it comes to delivering powerful customer experiences, just keeping up can be a challenge.

To be competitive, you need to deploy higher quality applications faster and deliver new features more consistently. However, many current release management and deployment processes are manual and prone to error. Development and operations teams remain siloed and lack the collaboration to effectively work together across platforms and operating systems.

Keeping pace with critical updates and customer needs requires rapid iterations and deployment automation for speed and consistency. Microfocus Codar accelerates the application release management process by automating end-to-end application deployment and helping you take control of the application pipeline.


Micro Focus delivers real business value—faster and more frequently
Designed to support proven DevOps tenets such as tight collaboration, rapid iteration, continuous delivery release management automation, and frequent updates—Micro Focus Codar helps enterprises accelerate time to market for applications and deliver high levels of customer responsiveness.

Through its collaborative and integrated approach, Micro Focus Codar enables teams to release higher quality software to any environment across all lifecycle stages—from development to production, on premises or in the cloud.

Faster time to Market – To accelerate response times you have to eliminate those manual, error-prone tasks. Micro Focus Codar provides the automation tools and capabilities required for complex multi-tier application release management and deployment across the application lifecycle.

Enhanced application quality – To increase application quality you have to decrease error. Micro focus Codar provides full visibility and control of release management and the deployment pipeline across dev, test, and production environments, allowing for more frequent testing and reducing manual errors.

More accurate fulfillment – Accuracy begins with your models. Micro Focus Codar models infrastructure and application components separately. This unique approach increases accuracy of release deployment by allowing components to be matched based on application requirements at the time of deployment.

Increased efficiency and collaboration
Developers who spend less time troubleshooting have more time to innovate. Micro Focus Codar frees up time by using the same application topology models for consistent, repeatable deployments across different stages of the application pipeline

Quicker time to value
Micro Focus Codar protects your current tool, content, and service investments. A simple modeling interface provides out-of-the-box integrations with Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, VMware vCenter, Micro Focus Helion Public Cloud, Amazon cloud services, and many others. APIs support custom integrations, allowing your tools of choice to be used throughout the application lifecycle.


We believe the benefits of DevOps—delivering real business value, faster and more frequently—are within reach of all enterprises regardless of application or pipeline. Micro Focus solutions like Micro Focus Codar are designed to help our enterprise customers break down the walls dividing operations, development, and business, paving the way for the New Style of IT.