Application Quality & Delivery Solutions for Retail & eCommerce

Retail companies depend on software applications. From POS systems and inventory and supply chain management to e-commerce, billing and payment gateway tools to rolling the combined and integrated product out to various web and mobile platforms, the right software in the right combination will drive the user experience and hence is critical to consumer satisfaction, ensure data security and produce reliable data.

The challenge?

Combining and integrating all the pieces and parts together in a fast paced environment where inventory and promotions are constantly changing while developers are tweaking the user interface and conducting tests to determine how they can positively impact the user experience and influence user behavior.

To meet these challenges requires attention to detail and a focus on quality. For many companies, the demand for increased sales and improved ROI outpaces the need for POS and e-commerce software testing, leading to apps released before they’re ready and services that don’t provide enough consumer protection. This often results in news coverage that you don’t want.

The solution?

Retail application testing from Northway Solutions Group — our experts have the knowledge and ability to assess current software, suggest critical improvements and design effective metrics.

Our customized approach to retail software testing focuses on:

Data integrity

Retailers need information at the right time and place, but this data must be accurate and complete. Data verification is paramount in all aspects of retail, from inventory to sales. One simple error could have unknown consequences with a large price tag.

User experience

Quality means more than applications functioning as designed — the concept also includes user experience as a key part of application impact. In a market dominated by always-connected mobile devices and on-demand information, users want more than just functionality. As a result, usability assessment and testing are critical. Does your retail software exceed user expectations and does the user encounter any friction in moving through your primary user stories?


Any downtime can be costly in retail. In an era where customers can easily switch to another product, you can’t afford to be down. Through benchmarking and metrics based performance testing, Northway ensures our clients’ applications and systems maintain their reliability and accuracy.


Users access retail applications not only via the web from across the globe, but also with a growing number of mobile devices. It’s no longer enough to conduct retail application testing for a small subset of devices; your software must accommodate any device, anytime and anywhere — without compromising function. A simple button that is moved slightly to the left can cost you.

Software applications drive ROI for retail organizations. Make sure your applications, POS services and mobile offerings are functional, secure and can perform — talk to one of our experts today and discover how we can help improve retail software quality with confidence.
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