Application Delivery Assessments

Having worked with hundreds of organizations, Northway resources not only understand application delivery best practice but also how to implement quality solutions to get the most from your application delivery resources, tools & procedures.

Approach / Strategy

With Northway’s Application Delivery Assessment Services, a senior architect would review your existing testing procedures and practices to establish the current state of testing within the business and provide a roadmap for implementing recommendations to meet your quality objectives.

We use a consistent, scalable and fact based review process that has been honed across each methodology, including DevOps, technology stack and across the lifecycle.

QA Process Assessment

Our Professional Assessment Roadmap provides a senior engineer to evaluate your entire QA team, including individual QA and software testing skills and the utilization efficiency of your software tools and processes. We’ll provide a gap analysis and evaluation on the effectiveness of your tools and processes. We cover all areas including requirements effectiveness and traceability, Dev/Test integrations, test planning and test case coverage, manual test cases, test automation, test execution, defect management and reporting. The goal of this assessment to provide you a road map to being a Quality Expert.

Performance Assessments:

After more than a decade of performance testing experience we have developed sound processes and methodologies that help take the guess work out of performance testing and provide a disciplined approach that provides predictable outcomes. With this structured approach we have helped clients optimize their application infrastructures, thus ensuring the best possible end user experience for their applications.

The goal of our performance assessment service is to understand where your organization is in terms of testing maturity level and then provide you the best practices, processes and tools recommendations to help you traverse the maturity model and help your organization become a Performance ‘Quality Expert’.

Test Automation Assessment

Northway is an industry expert in QA, software testing and functional, performance, and application security test automation. With experience across various industries, technology environments and testing methodologies, we are uniquely positioned to assess, evaluate and recommend the best solutions that fit your organizational needs. As a part of the assessment we will assess your current testing environment, tool configuration, and processes as it pertains to the most effective implementation of test automation. If you do not have automation tools, we will recommend the right tools that will optimize your SDLC whether its Agile or Waterfall. If tools are currently being used, we will assess your approach, evaluate at the usage of the tools, look at the framework being used along with your manual testing approach and recommend the most effective go forward strategy that will provide the testing ROI that you are looking for.

Agile and DevOps Assessment

Our Agile and DevOps experts will evaluate your current processes, team skills and tools, then work with your team or organization to assist in guiding an Agile or DevOps transformation and team improvement.

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