White papers

  • Using the Virtual Table Server with LoadRunner

    Otto Strickland of Zonetek shows you some techniques (with ample code) on how to use Virtual Table Server to solve data issues you might run into when using Mercury’s LoadRunner. He list Read More

  • LoadRunner and the Winsock Protocol

    A review on recording, enhancing, and correlating values when using the winsock protocol in LoadRunner.

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  • Configuring SiteScope for Oracle RAC

    This document reviews how to set up Oracle RAC for monitoring under a load test, and a list of common errors and what to check for when monitoring in SiteScope is not working.

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  • Quality Management – Defensive Project Management

    Brian Copeland provides valuable insight into how one can ensure project success in your Quality Management initiatives. He discusses concepts and tools that would help you become a more Read More

  • LoadRuner and Citrix – Advanced Techniques

    This white paper is for IT managers and performance engineers who are interested in performance testing Citrix-deployed applications using HP Software’s LoadRunner product. It expands on Read More

  • Performance Testing Citrix Applications With LoadRunner

    A handy guide to best practices HP Software’s LoadRunner product to test Citrix application. It focuses on Citrix scripting techniques and run-time setting with LoadRunner Vugen for Read More

  • Testing Authorities – Process and Vision

    A testing center of excellence (CoE) is an entity with centralized test technology and methodology that helps drive quality and performance initiatives across the enterprise. What is the Read More

  • BYOD – Developing a Testing Strategy That Works

    The movement of corporate entities toward Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is in full swing. Companies in reaction to financial pressures are looking at all options for reducing costs, Read More

  • Quality Management – Show Me One Good requirement

    Getting to good requirements is the holy grail of good software engineering, but it seems that organizations that place more value on the slinging of code than the elicitation of a solid Read More

  • Aligning HP ALM to SAFe

    The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a fully scalable set of agile best practices used at an enterprise scale. It is often selected when it is clear that Scrum, while effective for a small Read More