Center of Excellence

A center of excellence is a function that is renowned for their expertise in their field of specialty. A vCOE™ is a testing center of excellence that operates in as a virtual extension of a corporations testing organization and provides specialized services. Northway Solutions Group operates a vCOE™ specializing in the critical testing areas of performance, automation and specialty testing services such as SOA. The Northway Solutions vCOE™ enables the client to staff a Center of Excellence without the expense of high dollar resources, and the long timeline to build the capability.

How does it work?

  • Client engages vCOE™ to provide services in one of the centers
    1. Performance
    2. Automation
    3. Specialy Testing
  • Northway provides “expert” level expertise and testing services to the client, completing projects leveraging the Northway Virtual Team vTeam
  • vCOE™ acts as an extension of the client’s own testing organization, providing the client with all project artifacts and deliverables

VCOE strategies

Many companies have already invested in building out a COE of their own. Others have begun the journey of building out a center of excellence. Still others do not wish to invest the capital to build out a COE within their company structure. No matter what your company’s situation, Northway has designed a center of excellence strategy that is "just right" for you.

vCOE™ Delivery - Fully virtualized Center of Excellence delivering projects on behalf of the client as the single source for COE services.

COE Expansion - Leverage the vCOE™ to extend a client’s own internal COE, providing additional capacity or specialized skills.

COE Formation - Leverage the vCOE™ to execute on behalf of a client while they build out their internal COE capabilities.


Our whitepaper Testing Authorities - Process and Vision outlines how your organization can achieve the highest level of maturity in a Testing Center of Excellence.

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