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Northway HP Training Classes – FAQ

We recently published information on our web site about our HP training classes online, with outlines that can be downloaded in PDF format. We have had a few questions about the classes and I wanted to try and answer a few of them here.

What classes is Northway Solutions Group currently offering?

ALM/Quality Center training, QuickTest Pro training based on Unified Functional Testing, and Application Performance Testing training based on either LoadRunner or Performance Center. You can find out about all the classes and our current schedule of classes at

Do you create custom classes?

We have built our classes out in modular form so that some parts may be separated out. For example, the Application Performance Testing class can be broken out into performance testing process, the LoadRunner Controller, VuGen Scripting, and the Analysis tool. If you just needed a VuGen Scripting class, this could be arranged. We do this if there are enough students involved and usually for a private class.

If your company requires something beyond modularization – we can accommodate totally custom content. Contact us for more information on this process and the pricing for it.

What is the minimum number of students?

It depends on whether this is a public or private class. Currently, we like to keep the class size small for Load Testing and Functional Automation classes to about 5, but can accommodate more.

What is the maximum number of students?

While we like to keep the class sizes smaller, we usually try to limit the classes to 10 students or less. We have taught slightly higher numbers, but this tends to make the exercises take too long and it makes for longer days to cover the course material.

What are the classes like?

In general, there is a formal instructor using MS PowerPoint presentations mixed with a generous amount of hands on with the HP products. Exercises are completely hands-on doing tasks that would typically be found in real-life applications.

Who are the instructors?

Our instructors are our employees, who are both certified technically in the product they teach (minimum of an AIS certification from HP, but ASE is preferred), as well as hold Certified Instructor (CI) certifications with HP. They all have multiple years of experience actually using these products at client, so the knowledge they share is not just from theory and books. They usually have many “war stories” and problem solving tips and tricks from things they have personally experienced.

Do you also teach the official HP courses?

Yes. Although we are not a certified training partner, we do have agreements in place with HP to provide these classes through HP or one of the official HP training partners. We can assist in arranging one of these classes for your company and coordinate this with those companies and HP upon request.

Where are the classes typically given?

Currently we are setting up classes in the Nashville, TN and Cincinnati, OH areas. As we have available classes, we will post them on our site. We do not post private classes online, but we do deliver private classes.

How are classes sold?

Classes can be purchased outright for public or private classes.

We also sell training credits for $500.00 each. These credits are useful for companies who know they have training budget to spend now, but do not know how many classes or how many students. It allows them to secure the training today and negotiate a private class date or they can opt to be in on of the public classes offered through our web site. If your training budget expires in December but your schedule won’t allow a training class until January, this is a great option. You can contact for more information on training credits and securing classes, or contact us directly.

Are the books included?

Yes. Those prices include the course ware.

If you think of additional questions, let me know and I will continue to update this blog with the answers.

Are there any additional charges for private classes held onsite?

Yes. We do charge for the actual travel expenses for the instructor. These charges will appear as a separate line item in your invoice. We can provide our standard travel expense policy or work with your company to work within those for preferred hotels or other specific requirements.

How do I get registered?

Contact your business development resource, or contact us at 866-611-8762 and select option 1 for sales. We require at minimum a purchase order for the class in order to confirm registration. Your business development manager will send a confirmation email to you that you are registered in the class. However, classes can be cancelled or rescheduled based on demand. A second email to all users confirming the class will be sent out at least three weeks prior to the class which will instruct students to confirm their travel reservations (if applicable) and prepare for the class dates.

What if a training class has to be cancelled?

It is our current policy to notify all students at least three (3) weeks prior to the class to confirm that it is still scheduled and has not been cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel a class unless we have a minimum class size confirmed (with purchase orders) in order to host it. If payment has already been received, Northway will issue a credit or a refund for the client based on their preference, and the class will be rescheduled. Your business development resource will work with you on this request and ensure the credit/refund process is as easy as possible.

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