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HP QTP Training – Learn QTP/UFT from the Best HP Certified Instructors

QuickTest Pro training material isn’t hard to come by. A quick Google search will yield thousands of results to help you learn the tool. We even have a wide array of articles on our blog that provides tips and tricks on the topic of test automation and HP QuickTest Pro. The problem is, learning the tool and a couple of tricks is only half of the battle.

What you will not get by watching a couple dozen Youtube videos and reading how-to articles:

  • On the job experience and knowledge relayed by HP Certified Instructors,
  • Best practices from seasoned consultants with real-world knowledge,
  • Repeatable methodologies and processes to ensure automation project success,
  • Hands-on experience in a controlled lab environment with a mentor by your side.

In order to properly learn QTP/UFT and best practices around test automation, it is important to attend a well-constructed, formal HP QTP training class. A structured education can provide you with the foundational knowledge that is critical to automation success, and formal training will teach you the best practices needed to get the most ROI out of the tools.

What Northway Can Offer

Northway Solutions Group offers HP QTP/UFT training courses through a flexible delivery model. We can provide private courses on-site (at your location) or through one of our scheduled classes at one of our many training locations. We can even provide a training class at a facility near your workplace, if your organization does not have a training lab.

We provide value by passing on industry best practices we have learned over many years, advancing our student’s HP QTP knowledge and improving their under understanding of the automated testing process much quicker than doing it alone.

All of our HP Certified Instructors have years of experience on the battlefield implementing sound processes, automation frameworks and functional testing scripts for clients on consulting engagements. We take pride in our expertise in test automation and we are always eager to talk to our students about the challenges we experience on the job.

Our instructors are patient and satisfied only when our students are able to demonstrate proficiency regarding topics covered.

Northway’s HP QTP Training course follows our best practice, repeatable engagement model and methodology that can adapt to any functional testing project, whether the AUT is a traditional application or a mobile application. Our methodologies are derived from over a decade of experience working with our clients to deliver exceptional results through our test automation services.

We cater to Automation Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Quality Assurance Managers and Manual Testers. No one is left behind and everyone walks away from our course with added knowledge that can be utilized on the job immediately.

Our HP QTP Training Course

By the end of our 5-day QTP training course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the criteria for creating good automatable tests,
  • Create and maintain basic QTP automation scripts,
  • Add synchronization points to ensure successful execution and insert checkpoints for proper verification of results,
  • Understand QTP objects and best practices around object maintenance,
  • Data drive scripts using parameterization to execute scripts using large amounts of data,
  • Modularize scripts for reusability and to decrease maintenance,
  • Work with custom objects in highly-customized applications,
  • Work in the expert view using VBScript code,
  • Exercise advanced manipulation of run-time objects,
  • Create custom VBScript functions, subroutines and function libraries,
  • Utilize programmatic descriptions to work with complex objects, applications and 3rd party controls,
  • Use external data sources to data drive automation scripts,
  • Create recovery scenarios to handle unexpected events,
  • Construct automation frameworks to increase ROI across automation projects,
  • Integrate QTP with ALM and Quality center to leverage version control and resource storage in a central location.

Read more about our HP QTP Training and HP UFT Training courses, view our current course schedule or contact us directly for more information. We look forward to the opportunity to share our knowledge and teach our students the most effective ways to use QuickTest Pro within your organization.

We also offer HP QTP Test Automation Services. We can train students, mentor them and work side-by-side to ensure success and the best ROI for your training dollars.

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