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HP Support KM00228735: PC 11.5 – Task ID Timeout Failure

HP Support has released knowledge base article (KM00228735) to deal with Tasks that timeout on PC 11.5 and higher. The problem is encountered when a health check on a Host machine fails with the following error message

“Failure Timeout: Task with ID <xxxx> has failed to finish during the expected time.”

The task will be marked as a failed task.

This is usually a problem with a service not running on the host, or having incorrect permissions on the host. First, check all the services to ensure they are running. Check for these specific services:

  • Remote Management Agent Service
  • Performace Center Loadtesting Service

If all the services are running, the same error remains, perform the following:

  • Right click on each service–> properties–> Logon tab–>
  • Ensure Local system account is selected
  • Ensure that “Allow service to interact with desktop” is selected

If these steps do not solve your problem, contact HP support directly.

For more information on this issue and the KB article, please login to the HP Software support website with your valid support credentials at this URL:

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