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HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack (11.51) Released

UPDATE: Service Pack 11.51 has been superseded by Service Pack 11.52.
Service Packs are cumulative, so there is no need to install SP 11.51.

HP UFT Service Pack 11.51 (UFT_00001), which applies to HP UFT 11.50, was released on 01/29/13. To download the service pack, visit the HP software patches support website (KM00337418).

Note:  The patch support model for UFT 11.5 has changed from the patch model previously used in versions of QTP (QuickTest Pro). New technology support, as well as fixes for known issues are now provided in cumulative service packs.

New Environment Support in HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51

The following environment support has been included in HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51:

  • Windows 8 (technology preview; not fully supported)
  • Internet Explorer 10 (technology preview)
  • Mozilla Firefox 16 & 17
  • PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52
  • SAP CRM 7
  • New SAP Web Cynpro ADAP 7.01 & 7.02 controls
  • Siebel 8.2.2
  • Rocket BlueZone 6.x

New Features in HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51

The following features or changes have been included in HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51:

  • Action Templates are now supported (previously available in QTP 11).
  • External Action Properties are now available in the Action Properties dialog box (previously available in QTP 11).
Keyword View
  • Report Details can be added in the Keyword View by inserting a Report step.
Run Session Stop Key
  • A shortcut key to stop the Run Session can be configured for GUI tests, even if UFT is hidden or out of focus. CTRL + ALT + F5 is the default.
Errors Pane
  • Unmapped repository parameters now appear in the Error Pane along with the test name and path.
Application Areas
  • From within the solution explorer, function libraries and object repositories can be assocated with the application area.
  • Web:  for Mozilla Firefox only, the DialogExists method is available. This methods returns true if the dialog is currently open in the browser.
  • Flex and SAP:  see the attached readme file below.

Service Requests

The following service requests have been addressed in HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51:

Service Request Summary
QCCR1J29234 Support for Windows 8 and IE 10
QCCR1J30494 QCUtil.IsConnected throws error “GetLastErrorMessage: this method is not implemented for non-connected qc.” Error even if connected to ALM server.
QCCR1J30714 Not possible to import WSDLs stored in QC 10 from UFT 11.5

Complete Details

The full HP Unified Functional Testing 11.51 Service Pack Readme is available. Locally, this can be found after installing the service pack at “C:\Program Files\HP\Unified Functional Testing\help\Readme.htm” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Unified Functional Testing\help\Readme.htm” (for 64-bit installations).

Related Service Packs

The following service packs have been released which are directly related to HP UFT 11.5 Service Pack 11.51:

  • UFT RRV Service Pack 11.51 (UFTRRV_00001) – KM00337422
  • UFT ALM Add-in Service Pack 11.51 (UFTALM_00001) – KM00337421
  • UFT EA Tool Service Pack 11.51 (UFTEXA_00001) – KM00338055


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