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HP UFT 11.52 Patch 1 Released

HP UFT 11.52 Patch 1 (UFT_00056), which applies to HP UFT 11.52, was released on 08/13/13. This patch is a non-critical patch which addresses known defects in version 11.52. It also includes new environment support including support for Chrome 27, 28 and 29, and support for Firefox 22 and 23.

Note:  The patch support model for UFT 11.5 has changed from the patch model used previously in versions of QTP (QuickTest Pro). New technology support, as well as fixes for known issues are now provided in cumulative service packs.

HP has issued a warning: After installing UFT_00056, tests do not run correctly when using Smart Identification for objects in Google Chrome. If UFT_00056 is installed and Smart Identification for objects in Google Chrome is used, please contact HP Support.

How to download UFT 11.52 Patch 1

To download the patch, visit the HP software patches support website (KM00486159).

This patch is not cumulative and can only be applied to HP UFT 11.52.

New Environment Support in HP UFT 11.52 Patch 1

The following environment support has been included in HP UFT 11.52 Patch 1:

Web Add-in
  • Chrome 27, 28 & 29 (beta support)
  • Mozilla Firefox 22 & 23 (beta support)

Service Requests

The following service requests have been addressed in HP UFT 11.52 Patch 1:

Service Request Summary
QCCR1J31984 After upgrade from QTP 11 to UFT 11.5, UFT is unable to connect to ALM 11. It is giving error as “unable to connect to the specified server. verify the URL and try again”.
QCCR1J62243 UFT needs to be closed in certain situations when clicking on text.
QCCR1J62373 UFT Web add-in causes the TEA based add-in to break.
QCCR1J62751 When exposing attributes contained in the parent node of XML files, the existing activity calls cannot be resolved
QCCR1J63085 SetTOproperty doesn’t work properly. SetTOProperty (on Wpf objects) loosing its effect (rollbacks previous value) when the GetROProperty is called afterwards:If GetROProperty of the related object (which wasn’t found before) is invoked after SetTOProperty, object is still found.
QCCR1J63253 UFT unable to open tests created in QTP 11. “The received storage path does not exist” when trying to open QTP 11 tests using UFT.
QCCR1J63257 Not able to execute scripts in Batch Mode from QC. Error “Unable to close the unsaved document” for the 2nd script from ALM/QC11, when scripts are executed in Batch mode. Message “******* is modified. Do you want to save it” when closing the 1st script that is executed from ALM.
QCCR1J63407 The returned value of native functions in UFT 11.5x is “Empty”, instead of “Nothing”. Some native methods in QTP 11 returns value “Nothing”, but the same methods in UFT 11.5x returns “Empty”.
QCCR1J63579 GetROProperty(“column names”) returns a blank value in UFT
QCCR1J63668 Not possible to copy and paste checkpoints after closing the OR. It is not possible to copy and paste checkpoints within the OR after it has been closed and re-opened.
QCCR1J63702 Checkpoint doesn’t work with Excel data table and element attributes in XML.
QCCR1J63824 Breakpoints in function libraries not working when running test from ALM. Breakpoints in QFL files not working when running test from QC 11.

Related Patches

The following service patches have been released which are directly related to HP UFT 11.52 Patch 1:

  • UFT RRV 11.52 Patch 1 (UFTRRV_00049) – KM00486163
  • UFT ALM Add-in 11.52 Patch 1 (UFTALM_00049) – KM00486161

Note:  UFT RRV 11.52 Patch 1 (UFTRRV_00049) and UFT ALM Add-in 11.52 Patch 1 (UFTALM_00049) are not automatically applied with UFT 11.52 Patch 1. They must be manually installed.

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