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LoadRunner 9.52 Installation Problem With 64-Bit – Workaround

We have experienced a bug in the LoadRunner 9.52 patch when trying to install on a 64-bit OS. Installing 9.5, and 9.51 works just fine. However, when trying to install 9.52 – it can’t find an existing Loadrunner installation.

After some research, we located this article:

Our theory is that LR 9.52 patch does not realize it is running in a 64-bit environment and probably doesn’t look at that registry path. Hence, it keeps complaining that it cannot find an existing version of LoadRunner. We have made the install work by cheating it a little bit. We changed the registry tree structure by exporting the original tree, then removing the references to the “wow” folder, and then importing it again. Once we did this, the install worked and Vugen seems to work. However, we are not sure what the downstream impact of this would be.

Thanks to Prashant Satoskar at A-QA for all his efforts on this.

UPDATE: HP Support now informs us that a 64-bit install executable is now available. Contact support to get access to this file.

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