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LoadRunner Analysis Templates and Filters

I was wondering about how Global Filters are applied in an Analysis template and how the template DEF files could be modified if you wanted to make one simple change to your template but did want to create a template from scratch . I got this information back from HP Support which has information in it about Global filters that I did not know:

“Applying a global filter sets ALL the filter fields of ALL opened graphs. If the global filter’s field is set to a value different than the default one (almost always empty), this filter is applied on every new graph after that. The global filter isn’t saved as part of the template. Only the opened graphs and their current filters.

If you bring up a new graph after applying a template, the new graph will be opened without any filters specified in the template. It is recommended to

  1. Create multiple templates with various combination of graphs, or
  2. Apply a template only after bringing up all the desired graphs.

The capability of displaying the Global filters saved by the template (even after applying the template) is planned for future releases of the LoadRunner Analysis”.

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