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Performance Center 11.0 Fixes in Version 11.5

HP has released several notifications this week about fixes for Performance Center 11.0 that have been addressed in Performance Center 11.5:

  • QCCR1J29087 – Migration Tool compatible issues with Oracle RAC
  • QCCR1J29239 – Unable to replace successfully the default HTML report with a customized template.
  • QCCR1J29380 – Scheduler timeout issues
  • QCCR1J29861 – TS splitted for the second time and linked to a load test
  • QCCR1J25487 –  Unable to publish a PC9.52 run to a trend report in PC11
  • QCCR1J26080 – In PC11P04v2, error viewing timeslots: “Failed to get Simple Key Entity”
  • QCCR1J26435 – Changes to settings in SAPGUI Advanced Options do not persist
  • QCCR1J26769 – ALM 11 – permissions to upload a file
  • QCCR1J27153 – Load test initialization fails with error: “Run test failed. Reason: ‘Failed to map virtual LG LG1 to actual host. No actual host with context LG1’
  • QCCR1J27333 – User Agent Runtime setting not inherited from script after uploading to ALM
  • QCCR1J27817 – Issues with PC11 Migration Tool Verison 7 “Unable to connect to QC” (KM178535)
  • QCCR1J28194 – Title: Incorrect Date Format on Analysis Reports
  • QCCR1J28898 – When editing a performance test, the following error may occur:- ‘Must specify valid information for parsing in the string’.

These issues are now considered fixed, the corrective action being to upgrade to 11.5 or later.

This week, HP Support also released and new Knowledge Base article KM00366139:

Problem: Vugen 11.51 – “During recording of Ajax TruClient protocol using Firefox, it asks to download. Adobe Flash Palyer. How can it be achieved?”
Solution: In vugen 11.5x version, Go to Replay–> Run time settings–> Advanced Settings–> Check “Enable plugin Support”. Enabling this option helps in Recording also, though it is available under replay options.

For more information, go to the HP Self-Support site (HP Passport credentials will be required):

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