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VuGen Custom Function: Left() (leftmost characters)

Today’s code is courtesy of Brian Wilson of TechSouth Consulting. This is a completely working example of a VuGen Left() (leftmost characters) function, just like you can do in VB. I’d create a library of functions like this in a header (.h file) and include them in your scripts where you’re doing string manipulation.

char* Left(char* String, char* TempBuffer, int Nr)
 if(strlen(String) >= Nr)
 strcpy(TempBuffer, String);
 TempBuffer[Nr] = '\0';
 return TempBuffer;
 else return String;

int vuser_init()
 char MyString[] = "5551115151";
 char TempBuffer[11];
 lr_output_message("MyString: %s\n", MyString);
 lr_output_message("Left(4): %s\n", Left(MyString, TempBuffer, 4));

return 0;

Here is what the VuGen execution output log might look like:

Virtual User Script started
Starting action vuser_init.
vuser_init.c(29): MyString: 1234567890
vuser_init.c(31): Left(4): 1234
Ending action vuser_init.


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