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What’s New in HP ALM 11.5

After the official release of HP ALM 11.5 (Application Lifecycle Management), previously known as HP Quality Center (QC), we detailed a step by step single server installation and noted the primary differences (relating to the installation) between version 11.0 and 11.5. The remainder of this article outlines a high level overview of the new features in ALM 11.5. You can also read HP’s official documentation on What’s New in HP ALM 11.5 (Application Lifecycle Management).


ALM has been divided into four editions:  HP ALM, HP ALM Essentials Edition, HP Quality Center Enterprise Edition and HP ALM Performance Center Edition.


The Application server (Jetty) is directly integrated into ALM and is part of the core functionality of the product.

Extensions can now be deployed for individual projects and are integrated into the ALM installation.

Business Views

Business Views are created by utilizing DQL (Domain Query Language) and can encompass multiple entities to be tied into graph reporting. In previous versions, only single entities could be used for graphs. There are a number of predefined Business Views included in the core product.

Lab Management

Tight integration with HP CDA (Continuous Delivery Automation) allows for “[automatic deployment of] test environments on a private or public cloud.” This is included in the HP ALM and HP Performance Center editions.

Usability Enhancements

Default Values can now be defined on a entity (defects, requirements, etc.), user or project basis.

Several enhancements were made relating to sending email, including:

  • The ability to send parameter values as part of an email.
  • Test instances can be emailed which include details, history, attachments, run summary, and last run steps.
  • Test runs can be emailed, including associated run steps and run results.
  • Email is sent asynchronously.

A number of enhancements have been made relating to Data Awareness, Test Resources, Manual Runner, Project Reporting and Analysis Views.

Administration Updates

Just like HP ALM 11, the administration client can be run side-by-side with other versions of ALM/QC.

Licenses can by dynamically allocated on a domain, project or user basis.

Unicode is supported in SQL Server environments.

24 site configuration parameters were added and one was depreciated.

API and Database Updates

The HP ALM TEST API has been significantly expanded to support most everyday activities. For more information, see the HP ALM REST API Reference guide.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below. Detailed information can be reviewed in the HP official Whats New in HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) v11.50 document.

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