• Troubleshoot LoadRunner VuGen Errors Loading Custom DLL’s

    Posted on March 31, 2010 by Admin

    Issue: While using the lr_load_dll function, the user receives the following error:
    “Action1.c(x): Error -19890 : C-interpreter run time error:
    Action1.c(x): Error — File error : LoadLibrary(c:\temp\MyDll.dll) failed : The specified module could not be found.”
    The error above can occur if the compiler fails to locate or load the DLL. You can check the return code of lr_load_dll to verify if this is the case.

    Example code:
    //—begin code—//
    int x;
    x = lr_load_dll(“MyDLL.dll”);
    lr_message(“return code = %d”, x);
    //—-en Read Entire Entry

  • VuGen: HTML/URL/Text Conversion

    Posted on March 18, 2010 by Admin

    The web_convert_param function either converts HTML text to plain text or URL, or converts plain text to URL.

    HTML format uses codes for some non-alphanumerical characters, such as & for ampersand. URLs do not support non alpha-numerical characters and use the escape sequence %number, to represent them. To use an HTML value in a URL, you must therefore convert it into an escape sequence or plain text. For example, an ampersand is represented in a URL as %26. When you use this function to convert the HTML to plain text, i Read Entire Entry