• SiteScope 9.5 Bug Fix: Reports Only 1 Day of Data

    Posted on January 11, 2010 by Admin

    Those of you using SiteScope 9.5 and only being able to get a single days worth of data, we have found a solution: Apply patch 9.5.4 on top of 9.5 (you don’t have to apply any previous patches – you can go straight to it). The steps to install the patch are as follows:

    Stop the SiteScope service.
    Perform a full back up (not mandatory).
    Run the patch.
    Start the SiteScope service

    If you apply this patch and using Web Scripts in SiteScope and are having a problem opening the logs for SiteScope, this is a known issue. Here Read Entire Entry

  • Save Unique Log Files With a Windows Batch File

    Posted on January 4, 2010 by Admin

    This may help you if you have to run a batch file and save off file with a unique name every time. I find the easiest thing is to save based on the exact time. For this file, I wanted to gather all of the processes in task manager and save them into a spreadsheet. I did this at the beginning of a load test, and the ending of a load test. I then compared the two files to determine memory utilization of each process. In XP there is a command line executable build in called “tasklist.exe” and it allows you to save your data in csv Read Entire Entry