• Open LoadRunner Analysis Graphs with Custom Granularity

    Posted on October 28, 2009 by Admin

    Is there a way to set the Analysis Tool to open new graphs with a custom granularity? For example, LoadRunner may open all graphs with the granularity set to 300 seconds. Is there away to set it to 10 seconds?


    Create a user-defined template for the Analysis tool. There is no way to set the same granularity to all graphs in Analysis once the result set has been processed. However as a work-around, create and use a user-defined template.

    Open a result set in Analysis.
    Open up all sets of graphs.
    In each graph, s Read Entire Entry

  • LoadRunner Analysis Templates and Filters

    Posted on October 26, 2009 by Admin

    I was wondering about how Global Filters are applied in an Analysis template and how the template DEF files could be modified if you wanted to make one simple change to your template but did want to create a template from scratch . I got this information back from HP Support which has information in it about Global filters that I did not know:

    “Applying a global filter sets ALL the filter fields of ALL opened graphs. If the global filter’s field is set to a value different than the default one (almost always empty), this filter i Read Entire Entry

  • Citrix Presentation Server Settings and LoadRunner

    Posted on October 20, 2009 by Admin

    Recently I was working on a Citrix testing project with LoadRunner and I was reminded of all the server settings for the Citrix servers and Generators that have to be checked, in addition to all of the Vugen script run-time settings, and script enhancement. In some cases, we at Loadtester have had to become part-time Citrix server administrators to get our projects done on time. One of the Citrix server settings we always recommend initially is for any session that disconnects to be reset to login, instead of leaving it open. This Read Entire Entry

  • VuGen: More Random Selections

    Posted on October 14, 2009 by Admin

    The following lines will capture a list returned from a web server page response and
    then randomly select one of the items from that list and pass it on
    to the next URL

    int rNum;
    char x[500];


    “Some URL’s”,

    //srand is called before rand


    rNum= rand() % atoi(lr_eval_string(“{temp_cat_count}”)) + 1;

    lr_output_message (“A number between 1 and temp_cat_count: %d\n”, rNum);

    /* rNum will be some rando Read Entire Entry

  • Performance Center and VMWare

    Posted on October 10, 2009 by Admin

    What is the official word from HP on PC and virtualization? Well, according to KM752992 in the HP Knowledge Base:

    The following considerations apply when planning the deployment of Performance Center and/or LoadRunner within a virtualized environment:

    Load Generator:
    This component can be affected by timing issues that result from being operated within a virtual environment. As a consequence it is not recommended to run the Load Generator for load testing purposes in a Virtual Environment when timing accuracy is a Read Entire Entry