• QTP 11: How to Enable Enhanced Debugging Features

    Posted on March 26, 2013 by Admin

    QTP 11 (and versions 9-10) installs Microsoft Script Debugger to provide the debugging features in QuickTest Pro scripts. Without the debugging engine, all of the QTP debug features are unavailable. Microsoft Script Debugger ships with an archaic version (7.10.3077) of Process Debug Manager (PDM).

    Out of the box, QTP provides limited VBScript debugging capabilities. An automation engineer does not have the ability to view the properties/methods of variables/objects in their full extent. Objects, like Object Repository obje Read Entire Entry

  • Why Visual Studio Team System Isn’t A LoadRunner Killer

    Posted on April 14, 2006 by Admin

    Note: This article was originally posted on, and has been migrated to the Northway web site to maintain the content online.
    Microsoft recently posted a job for a performance engineer, and I happened to see it. It started off with the question, “Do you have experience with any of the common performance testing applications such as LoadRunner and OcraCoke?” I thought, “huh?”. For those of you not familiar with OcraCoke, that was the pre-launch code name for Visual Studio Team System. This peaked my interest further. I Read Entire Entry