• Run A Windows Batch Program From LoadRunner VuGen

    Posted on August 29, 2012 by Admin

    I am surprised that many people who script with LoadRunner on a regular basis do know know that you can run external programs in Windows that are kicked off by code in Vugen scripts. The system() function allows you to do this. There have been times where I needed to run a portion of a script and then kick off a program that would run on my local machine for a few minutes. I created a Windows Batch (.BAT) file with it’s own set of instructions on running and how to exit out. When I am ready to kick this BAT file off, I just put one Read Entire Entry

  • QuickTest Pro: Working with the Windows Clipboard (Clear, Copy and Paste Text)

    Posted on July 10, 2012 by Admin

    QuickTest Pro can interface directly with the Windows OS clipboard during replay using the VBScript “Mercury.Clipboard” object built in to QTP. This object can be used to validate clipboard data if the AUT programmatically manipulates the clipboard (and your test case requires validation of this functionality).
    Some of the more common methods supported in the “Mercury.Clipboard” object include:

    Clear – clear the clipboard contents
    SetText – write text to the clipboard
    GetText – retrieve text from the Read Entire Entry

  • Mobile Application Testing: Should The Device Matter?

    Posted on May 18, 2012 by Admin

    At the STAR EAST conference this year, mobile solutions saturated the vendor exhibition area. It’s no wonder that mobile application testing is the hot in the testing community right now. Testers are now faced with the task of testing mobile versions of their applications and figuring out how to adapt to the new paradigm (and challenges) mobile applications bring. It’s not as if they didn’t have enough to test already, right?

    After listening to some of the conversations around mobile and seeing some interesting questions be Read Entire Entry